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So much has been happening lately, mostly good - I am learning to expect only good things and, as per the Law of Attraction, they come! I am healing from my separation and, in the meantime, I am finding who I am, and I like myself, I love myself now and I understand it is important to love me before expecting that anyone else does.

I am making some really awesome, highly vibrating friends on and off Facebook and, actually, I am in the midst of a reunion with some of the members of my Family of Light. We are all family, of course, these are just souls with whom I shared my past/concurrent lifetimes. I feel love for everyone, I feel it is unconditional and without labels and expectations. I feel supported by my loved ones everywhere and by the Universe! This is a great time to be alive :) I feel, and I see, that Humanity is waking up and we are coming together, understanding that love, unity and sharing are the way to a prosperous future for everyone, and for our amazing children and the animals on the planet. we are all ONE.

Music has always been vital to me and connected to my spiritual life. On my Facebook travels I connected with two amazing Iranian young men who promote Psytrance music - my most favorite kind of music on the planet and, obviously, theirs. I am learning a lot from them and I believe that Starseeds are encoded to love trance music because it connects us to space, and, for cosmic travelers, that is our home and comfort. Often we talk about "Flying" or being on a "journey" when listening to this kind of music, it is very exciting!!! It connects and unites people in Love and Peace, which is what Hadi and Farzin, as promoters of Pytrance are trying to do. For those interested, please check out their FB page:

What am I listening to right now?? A track that Hadi shared with me, produced by is friend Aaresch of CryptexMarble, it is called Pampelonne:

Now, as of two days ago, lady Serendipity lead me to spontaneously do psychic readings on Facebook, in the Starseeds group!  Someone started posting their photo and asking for a reading and so, we were all reading each other!  It is a labor of love and it is fun an fulfilling, since we are sharing and helping each other. Now, my Spirit sister and dearest friend, Jenna, had the great idea of creating a group just for readings, and for those interested, here is the link:

Ok, so, since I did a few readings and people found them to be "right on" (to my surprise, though a lady who read for me said I am quite psychic, but I have, so far, put that gift on the back burner and it is time that it came out to help people!!!) I was reading about Starseeds' planets of origin, I was asked to create a group specifically for those kind of readings. This is the link:

 I am going to include here an excerpt from my book Ziggurat10: Journals of the Last Wandering about some channeled material I received about the different species in the Cosmos, to  keep as reference for those of you who are looking to identify their soul's origins:

August 17th, 2009 notes from Channeling on the Ouija: The Soul Hubs.
     May 9th, 2009 notes following a channeling about some of the most common space species and inter-dimensional Beings that I am, apparently, familiar with. See which soul-race(s) you most identify with! You will share characteristics with them. Notice that the writing style of the following material is colloquial and immediate and so by choice; I transcribed directly from my channeling notes and did not edit to preserve authenticity.
Starseeds and Walk-Ins
These are what my Guide calls Universals. They are Beings whose mission is to travel the universe by incarnating into different civilizations. They lower their vibrational frequency in order to adapt to lower vibrating planets or dimensions. Starseeds incarnate into a body at birth; walk-ins subconsciously contract to swap places with another soul who has decided, for whatever reasons, to exit the lower plane of existence. Both starseeds and walk-ins seek and disseminate knowledge and use it to raise everywhere it is deemed possible and worthwhile. Also known as “cosmic wanderers”. Key-words are: quest; sacrifice; awareness; accelerators of spiritual evolutions; unconditional love and well-being. Most come from the 5th dimensional plane and up; if you are a starseed or walk-in, you have been around, so to speak.

The Zon and Cegiacida
As I have said, Zon is one of the Soul Hubs, dimensional planes within the star system Cegiacida. Souls of Zon provenance tend to be cosmic wanderers. In terms that we can comprehend, we must think of the Elements in Western Astrology: Water/Air are the “essence” of these kind of souls. The dimensional plane, like the rest of the Universe, has a Light side and a Dark one. There is no good and evil, just Yin and Yang, so to speak. Active and passive modes of being. This Hub is characterized by highly developed Light technology; total, unconditional love, telepathy, Oneness. They are crafters of spiritual and Faith issues. These souls are spiritually advanced. The Zon travel the cosmos to absorb negativity and transmute it into love and positivity. Starseeds of Zon and Cegiacida provenance are rather selfless and they tend to be very empathic in order to “feel” what another Being does, the goal being to help them psychically transform their Energy into a positive.
Cegiacida, as a galaxy, is characterized by the energies of Earth (as in grounding element) and Fire, which makes the Beings living there a bit more emotional and outgoing than the Zon.
The Vondon
Yet uncharted star system (by Earth’s point of view). Light-beings, born channelers and mediums/healers. Great inter-consciousness communicators; benevolent, they practice service for their own and others’ spiritual advancement. Highly evolved, most of them transitioned a long time ago from dense body form to light. They follow the evolution of Consciousness in the Universe; they are linked to the Akashic records and souls record-keeping. They teach and inspire other races to communicate from the feeling level up to the mental.
The Angels
These are what I call “Universals”; these are Light Beings who serve God and Humanity, as well as other species in the Universe. They are selfless, kind, and protective. They are all-knowing and they feel unconditional love for All and dedicate their existence to Service. They are present in the Kabbala (the Tree of Life) and I would suggest reading anything written on the subject by Doreen Virtue, as well as using her wonderful Angel Cards to consult with the Archangels and the Angels daily, or anytime the need arises. They will be there. They also express themselves through Numerology, I recommend Doreen Virtue’s book: Angels Numbers 101.
The Pleiadians
Pleiades star system; 5th dimensional. They are characterized by a sense of balance, love of music and sensuality and a penchant for humor and laughter. Having read all of Pleiadian channel Barbara Marciniak’s books, I consider her an authority on the subject. Idea of Earth as “Living Library”, meaning that Humans carry in their DNA that of many other space races. Pleiadians feel connected to us and feel a willingness to help us evolve as they played a role in the shaping of Human civilization. Key words relating to them are: The arts; wisdom; knowledge; inspiration; motivation; manifestation.
The Annunaki
Planet of origin, Nibiru; 5th dimensional Beings. Zecharia Sitchin has written extensively about them and I highly recommend reading his books. They Annunaki seed civilizations, and they seeded ours here on Earth by genetically combining the DNA of the indigenous simian Homo Erectus with their own DNA, thus producing us, Homo Sapiens. After seeding civilizations, they often leave them to develop on their own, as they did with Earth: Sumeria, Crete (Minoan civilization), Egypt, South America with the civilization of the Aztec, Inca and Maya, Atlantis, are all theirs. Annunaki Magickal knowledge has survived in some present day Toltec masters. Read Carlos Castaneda’s books to explore this more in depth. Some say that the Annunaki were created from the union of Orions and Sirians. They are passionate, seminal, creative, now very advanced spiritually as well as technologically. They observe Humanity’s process of evolution and are supposed to be one of the ET races to come back to visit us on or after 2012. Keywords associated with them are: Life-givers; creators; manifesters; sacred sexuality (masters of Tantra); positive magick.
My opinion on the Annunaki and Earth’s current “gold rush” initiated by the Illuminati:
     I believe that the Illuminati are trying to buy gold from people(surely you have seen the endless TV commercials and magazine ads), to bargain to keep their power upon the arrival of the Annunaki after 2012. Many of us know this, some by intuition, ETs “education” or/and past-life memories and I will tell you this: The Annunaki, like us, like many cosmic races, have evolved over time (since the seeding of our Civilization) and they do not give a damn about our gold! They are coming to redeem themselves and free Earth from the hold of negative power.
     They feel responsible for our issues and they simply want to put us on the right path, not by governing us, but by making us totally aware of our true genesis and history. The Illuminati won’t be able to bargain for their lives with gold.
The (short) Greys or Zeta They are Universals. Much misunderstood and maligned, they are often confused with grey bio-robots that the Reptilians use to carry out their despicable abductions/torture and hybrid experiments. The “real” Greys are positive emanations of what my Guide calls the Fuchsias or pink-tan benevolent Beings. These Beings often also appear as pure Beings of Light who try to communicate with Humanity often through dreams. These Greys are the conscience of humanity and monitor geneticists’ activities in the Galactic Federation and often “help” other seeding species, like the Annunaki, in the process of their Creatures’ evolution. They are midwives of consciousness; facilitators of communication; teachers and custodians. They are deeply intelligent and emotionally rich, although they do not outwardly reflect that at first encounter. They help species go from 3rd and 4th to 5th dimensional consciousness. They reproduce by cloning.
The Ataien
Charted Epsilon Eridani star. They are insect-like Beings who resemble the praying mantis. Very intelligent, they embody meditation, kindness and compassion. Jittery, they emit a clicking sound as reported by people who have come into contact with them. Key-words here are: Zen Buddhism; power in meditation and stillness; Healing; astral projection, rest and sleep and their rejuvenating properties. Respect for all creatures, insects included of course.
The Lyrans
Lyra constellation. Musical race which uses rhythms and vibrations in communication. Link to ancient Greece. Music is also used to elevate consciousness and for healing. Masters of Echo-technology, they extend the power and broadcast of sound waves. If you feel a link to Lyra, you are a born musician and/or music lover, and you learn to express yourself through sound. Possible incarnation in ancient Greece or Lyra constellation. Music soothes and heals you as well as it can energize and empower you.
The Orions
Canis Major – in the Orion Belt. They are very ancient and dog-like in appearance. Strong link to Egypt, the pyramids and pharaohs; death and rebirth and sacred geometry. We find Orions in Northern Mexico myths (the Hopi). If you feel an affinity to Orion, you may have been Native Indian or Egyptian in your past-life incarnation on Earth. Orions teach us not to fear death, as it is infallibly always followed by rebirth – which is a freeing and empowering concept. Orions are also linked to dimensional gates (read Sitchin); mythology; heritage; history; love of dogs and wolves and with Guardianship (Anubis).
The Sirians
Sirius; Canis Minor. Cat-like Beings, influenced Egyptian civilization (Bastet is but one example, Goddess of beauty and cats). They embody the connection between intuition and the dream world, and the connection of Heaven and Earth. Link to Isis and Goddess Consciousness and to Orion and Anubis. Seeking and finding a Soul mate is also part of their influence. Possible Earth past life as Egyptian. Love of felines. The sphynx, guardian of the pyramids and the gateway to heaven. Learn and teach Wicca. The Dogon tribe of west Africa knew about Sirius since ancient times.
The Andromedans
Andromeda star system. The Andromedans, also known as “Nordics” (for their obvious physical similarities to the Scandinavian people of Earth) are athletic, have light blue to translucent white skin, are explorers, travelers, always curious and helpful. They are erotic beings who find power in color, and the visual. Healing and transmission of wisdom through love and knowledge. Positivity of technology; cosmic wanderers, travelers, adventurers. They are associated with the Rainbow (Bifrost of the ancient Vikings comes to mind). To get into the “vibe” of the Nordics, study Nordic mythology, anthropology, sociology and Tantra. They are, at present, destroying key under-water bases around the globe, from which the Reptilians have negatively controlled Humans for thousands of years.
The Vegans
Vega, Arabic for “Stone Eagle,” is a star/planet in the constellation of Lyra.  This planet has 2 stars and 2 moons and is 5th dimensional. Its people are in the process of becoming Light Beings.  Blue-skinned, the Vegans are the gods of the Indian Veda. They are erotic, sensual, artistic, reflective, many-skilled, intuitive, telepathic and they are great at dealing with beings existing at lower vibration without making them feel “inferior”. They are sex masters. Sometimes these Beings change density and go from solid to liquid for astral travel, as the Zon do as well. Starseed vocation; Transformation, far-sightedness, Civilization and dissemination of knowledge, wisdom and healing/balancing. Great body care – may have an interest in cosmetics.
The Arcturians
Arcturus star. Highly evolved, 5+ density. Keepers of all knowledge; “Librarians” of the cosmos. Crop-circles; crystal technology and link to Atlantis. Diplomats. Benevolent. Angular, long-faced. Diplomacy, custodianship; record-keeping; discipline; honor. School concept and ideal – teaching and learning. Akashic records. Interest in Genealogy, Archaeology and social history and costumes.
The Oceanics
Planet Earth (but not exclusively!) Whales and dolphins, inter-dimensional creatures whose energy balances that of Earth and raises its vibrational frequency. Regeneration. Live by compassion and love. Fluid intelligence and the power to travel between different environments/dimensions. Heart. Hope.
The Astrals
Earth’s etheric field is the location. Humans whose spirits are in transition between dimensions. A pause to decide where to go next. Ghosts are earth-bound spirits who do not go into the Light. The Astrals often act as Guides for new people who die and cross over. Inter-dimensional period for reflection. They reassure us of the fact that souls live eternally and our loved ones are safe and happy. Read (any) books by Robert Moody and Brian Weiss.
The Elementals and the Fairies
Earth. Connection to Aradia; Earth-bound, Gaia lovers. They are shape-shifters, they possess Magickal powers and they are stewards of our planet. Consciousness of each element: Ether, Air, Earth, Water and Fire.  Key-words are: instinct, pride, wisdom. Fairies have a strong link to nature; they are innocent, free-spirited, benevolent and resilient; they are teeny, winged creatures. Study Celtic myths and enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Elementals and the Fairies can be called upon to heal Gaia (or Terra, the Earth).
The Animals
Earth – special souls who come often (but not always) as companions of Humans, or Children of Gaia, the Earth. Benevolent; unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, devotion and trust. Sacrifice, empathy, telepathy. They have child-like innocence and profound wisdom. The giving and receiving of unconditional love. Instinct. Learn these qualities from them and from the similarly pure energy of babies and children. Adopt a stray responsibly; support no-kill shelters; adopt vegetarianism.
On a more personal note, I think of my cats (5 now; 6 have passed on over the years) as my “babies”, but I am very well aware of the fact that they (and ALL animals) are very powerful Beings who have come to experience life on Earth as non-Humans, and who unselfishly provide us with healing and unconditional love, the one they give, and the one they allow us to give to them. They are gifted! Being both telepathic and empathic, I feel they “download” wisdom about the Universe into our eyes, through their eyes. All this greatness and the added bonus of being wonderfully entertaining!
The Shadow People
Earth-bound, negative Spirits, some used to be Human, some are negative Elementals who “claim” certain environments, like wooded areas, homes, ancient ruins/sites, etcetera. The pain in these spirits blocks the flow of love and positivity; stagnation; unwillingness to progress; attachment to places, and sometimes to people (hauntings); a state of illness, physical or mental. To banish these Energies, gently smudge with Sage and ask them kindly to go into the Light. Let go of the old and invite the new; be open to receiving abundance.
The Chupacabra
Under-the-Earth dwellers, sighted prevalently in the Latin world (South America, specifically); They resemble quilled gargoyles. They feed on animal blood, fly by their quills on their back. They are very instinctual, selfish and spiritually not very evolved. Linked to feelings of spite, jealousy, anger. Extremely instinctual mode of existing – surviving, as opposed to living; leeching off of the energy of others. Sex seen only as release or conquest. To counter this way of being, meditate and pray to elevate your vibration. Do Angel work.
The Grey look-alikes
Resemble the Greys physically only, but taller. Bio-mechanical beings genetically engineered; they are unfeeling and often conduct experiments on Humans on behalf of the Reptilians. Manipulations, insensitivity, lack of conscience. Minions, slave-to-another state; living and acting to benefit another’s agenda. Being misguided in the use of one’s energy. Many brutal alien-abductions attributed to the Greys are indeed the work of these beings, or of the Draconians (Reptilians) themselves.
Universals – Often 1st soul’s incarnation experience before becoming biological entity; poetry of mathematics. They have consciousness (animistic principle). They live a life of conformity and numbness, lack of individuality. They can be A) “Borg”-like warrior types which have hive-mind consciousness. They often go rogue when individuality starts to emerge; or B) Mannequin-like; emotionless, usually neutral, they act as if programmed for “good” or “evil” at times. Body-shells used to trap souls. Robotics and Mannequins may evolve in consciousness as they progress in the wheel of Karma.
Demons of the Void
Universals – Lowest energy beings existing inside and outside the Void. The Void is a black hole where souls saturated with negativity and hatred, or possessed by demons, live temporarily. Rehab of negative souls, eventually re-released into the wheel of karma. Linked to black magick, cruelty, sadism, violent crimes, drug or/and alcohol addiction, madness, mental illness, hopelessness. Death, disconnect from others and all that is, despair, trapped in one’s own mind, feeling lost. Smudge yourself with sage and ask the Angels for help to lift yourself out of a low-vibratory state of consciousness. Clean-up your lifestyle; don’t be too proud to ask for help. Love yourself.
The Draconians or Reptilians
Very ancient race linked to Alpha Draconis constellation, may have originated in far away places in the cosmos (in relation to our Milky Way galaxy). They are enemies of Humans, who they consider inferior and insignificant. However, they use us by leeching energy from us or by eating us. Very clever, ancient race, they are master geneticists and brutal warriors; they are spiritually unevolved however, and despise the Light. Chthulu or Satanic energy; links to South America, in the declining phase of the Aztec and Maya civilizations. The Reptilians control Humans (and other races they deem inferior) through the vibrations of fear (this is the energy they feed upon); through genetic manipulations; the institution of government and that of religion; the world of politics, sports, entertainment, fashion, the media, and through war. The “people” behind all these are known as the Illuminati or Globalists; the acts of cruelty and manipulation are rituals for them to feed their power. This is their religion.
They unleash demons on the Earth plane to corrupt or weaken Humans; mind control is their greatest tool, and they promote the misuse of sexuality to humiliate, debase and control. They know that Human sexuality is sacred and powerful and so they have created religion(s) that have completely twisted and polarized its original meaning; Catholicism is based on the distortion of sexuality and virtue; control of the male over the female, concepts of guilt and sin, and mental enslavement. This has been happening on Earth for thousands of years. Key words here are: Greed, hierarchy, inequality, judgment, status, racism, all forms of discrimination and disease. The Reptilians are responsible for genetically altering Humans and animals to create a predator-and-prey cycle, the polarization of Male and Female, and they have engineered most of our diseases, amongst which cancer and AIDS. Pop culture is often used as a distraction to keep people from thinking and being aware of what is truly happening. Study Hindu concept of Maya (reality is an illusion), go within and go into nature to regenerate. Stay positive and be selective with what you choose to watch on TV. The world is changing very fast on multiple levels; things will get really bad before they get really good. Do not be shackled by fear, instead, stay anchored in the hope of a New Earth: It is coming! Stay in the Light, shine your Light, live the Light and all will be well, it is as simple as that. Trust in the Universal balance.
The Shirrak
These Beings live in the core of a star in our Galaxy, they are a subterranean race. They are known as “mind benders” and their speak is a hiss/shriek. They are excellent at logic and mathematics but, most importantly, they fight Reptilians and try to shield us from them.
The Alpha
These Beings value power, achievement and dominance.
The Beta
Nesters; great protectors; can be ethnocentric in the extreme.
A star populated by Beings who are crafters of ideas and matter and are masters of Manifestation.
The Indigo
These Beings are kind and sensitive frequency shifters; they easily travel through dimensions. They make great Wanderers.
A dimensional plane or hub of Air and Fire (astrological currents). Its Beings are usually sent to “school” on Earth or other “school planets.” They are very young souls.

The Core
Universal. The Core, also known as Brahma, the Source, the Light etc. is basically God and merging with It; return to the source; state of perpetual Bliss in just “being”. Timelessness, end of tests, completion, connection with all Life; communion with God by arriving at godliness within. Pure, unconditional Love and Compassion. The power to create new worlds. The beginning, the end and the new beginning. Eternity, peace, balance, Oneness. Nirvana.

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As for Kobalt YES! I have organized my notes and II have begun the novel! I will talk about this very soon.

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