Saturday, 12 July 2014

Asking for global mercy for Gaza

I am neither a Muslim or a Jew, nor am I particularly politically or religiously minded, but I am a writer with a conscience, and I have something to say about what is in happening in Gaza (as well as other distressed areas of the world). My sadness and indignation at the images I see are beyond words, but I will try to express what is in my heart and mind.

There are ethnicities and religions that are preferred by The New World Order. Generally speaking, they devalue every living Being but themselves and they only play favorite as long as keeping us pitted against each other, makes their game interesting and profitable. These are the forces behind the majority of the world's governments. They literally play with us all and we have to stop letting them by being aware of what they do and stop fighting each other.  If only all people and soldiers everywhere realized that PEACE means global freedom, they would stop following orders or seeking retribution and create a better world for everyone, rather than support the toxic status-quo globally.

Israel, as Zion/NWO beacon, has, unfortunately, become exactly like their former Nazi opressors. This cold-heartedness and lack of conscience belongs to the leaders of the world, NOT the people of any particular country. I know there are Jews grieving for Gaza.

I want my dear Muslim friends, always maligned, misinterpreted and blamed for terrorism, that they MATTER; their lives and their children's MATTER to the rest of Humanity. They are no more guilty of anything than any other religion or country. As we see (online) the heart-wrenching images of tortured and killed Palestinians and their CHILDREN, we have to ask ourselves, would the world
 do something if these victims were not Muslim? There are adults abusing and killing children. Think about that.

All I can do is pray and stay aware, we ALL must. The world has to help Palestine. I do not have the answers but I believe in TRUTH and staying aware of the "game" world leaders play with us; I believe in peace, happiness and security for ALL regardless of creed, gender, nationality etc. I also believe in prayer - I am sending all my love, healing and best wishes to Gaza and everyone grieving for Gaza. And for Heaven's sake, WHERE is the humanitarian aid for Palestine? We shall all be free and thriving when we stop fighting and unite in peace and have compassion for each other.

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