Sunday, 24 November 2013

Life is strange; as I was writing my last post on October 12, I was having some marital problems, but I would have never fathomed that, later, an argument with my husband would lead to a divorce. We were both unhappy in the (10 years) relationship, but as I always hoped we could recreate and enrich the relationship, my husband was secretly seeing and falling in love with a younger woman. The 10th of October (my 50th birthday) would be the last time I'd see Davin. On October 14th, he announced, in an e-mail, that divorce papers would follow. I have been riding an emotional roller coaster since then, and, looking past the pain, the tears and sentimentalism, I find myself feeling free, optimistic, happy and excited about my new life as single woman and artist. I am still shaking out the last of the shock and tears, but "I shall return" ;) Soon.

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