Friday, 18 December 2015

Now available on Kindle through are my books:

Ziggurat10  Non-fiction, my experiences with ETs, "alien abduction"; Angels;  Annunaki; ancient Sumer;  reincarnation. Includes material from my own personal journals.

Orbital Sci-fi and fantasy novelette.

Children of the Goddess  Fantasy novel set in ancient Ireland; druids, magick, love story.

Please check them out!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wonder Woman

I deal with fatigue on a daily basis, and the fact that I am a night person does not help. I prefer writing at night, but add to the equation a little insomnia, and you get the picture. I tried something; one day ago I went to bed at 10:00 pm, woke up briefly and then slept the rest of the day and night. I woke spontaneously today at 6:00 am and I was feeling rested and ready to work. I indulged in a panettone (and Italian Christmas cake) breakfast, coffee and a shower and I was ready! I washed  both my food cupboards and refilled spice bottles; I chucked expired foods and vitamins, did dishes and then I washed under the kitchen sink, the place where the garbage goes, yuck. After that I uploaded some of my work to Kindle thru and searched for new publishers for my nearly finished novel Strega (Witch)!!!! I am VERY excited, I am finding great opportunities for my writing!
I also made dinner and some more dish washing and I feel so happy and content - I am an artist and, by definition undisciplined, but I find that when I do discipline myself I can do wonders in my life. Yes, it is well worth it to me to go to  bed at a sane time (like midnight) and wake up early and getting everything done that needs tending to. There is a feeling of accomplishment that is better than sleeping in  late and then half-assing the day. I can't be wonder woman every day, but I can be a functioning artist by the daytime, though there will always be the occasional late night musing. So, for those of you struggling with the fact that you are a creative person at night but need to get things done in the day, take heart: reconditioning is possible! Artists are thought of as undisciplined,  (and for a while I thought of this as a romantic notion that I wanted to stick to) but it is a matter of choice, really. If you choose discipline you will maximize your productivity. I have been writing all my life and I can tell you, a new schedule, when needed, works. Sending out lots of love to everyone and happy creating! xoxo

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

If my Nonna, my Italian grandmother, had lived, she would be 105 years old today. So befitting that her birthday happened to fall on Earth day, too. She was a savvy and sensual Taurus, in love with all of life and animals and nature and the best cook I have ever met. She taught me how to cook too and I am forever grateful for that. So, today, on this beautiful, sunny Earth Day, I feel inspired to share. I am so sorry I have not been more diligent and write more often, but I only do when the muse calls :)

Maybe it is Spring, but I feel, yet again, renewed. I feel very stable emotionally and connected to all, which is a gift in itself.  I struggle still with my novels, I have two going at the same time, both mean the world to me. Mostly I struggle with Kobalt, the sci-fi/fantasy one. I feel this book is in me, yet I think I am not ready, or cool enough, to write it. I know this is rubbish thinking, it is not what I choose to believe. I a going to dive into the writing and see what happens; this time more than ever, I feel I need to soar and create second by second, heartbeat to heartbeat. The Universe has been telling me to trust It and myself and I am going for it!!!! :)

I am single again and doing great, I am happy for having had the experience with Malek and I am grateful for the lessons, too. I am loving myself more now, I am becoming protective of my heart (it gets battered worn on the sleeve, trust me) and I know my next partner will be my Soulmate...yes, as cheesy as it sounds, I believe! Once again I am invited to trust the Universe. The Angels are prompting me to think ad write only positive words so that my fondest dreams may manifest. It feels good to want good things for me now. I am mostly talking about self-love, pampering, showing myself the same kindness I show others, for a change. In fact, I have a mani-pedi booked for me and  a friend this Friday, something I have not let myself have in 5 years! And I went shopping for new skin care today too.  I make it a point to talk to Angels and Star Beings and to meditate daily.

I feel worthy of love and passion and trust and faithfulness and all the good things that the right spiritual and romantic relationship is supposed to bring. My friends and family (my 2 adorable cats are included of course!) continue to be my greatest source of love and support, they do not know how grateful I really am. I nearly lost a friend when I chose to tell him that I am a Starseed/Walk-in. He is really weirded out by it and I am so sorry I ever told him, but, after a year of being FB friends, I thought he should know who I am, what I write about, what I believe. I only tell close friends but, when Ziggurat10 finds a publisher, well, the cat's out of the bag for everyone who knows me and reads me.  I am not ashamed and, as for "crazy" I have been called that all my life, it does not burn me any more. I love and appreciate myself in its entirety, I am happy to be me, warts and all. This is a realization that makes me feel deeply beautiful. Hoping and praying, every day, for a better world, trying to anesthetize the ugliness by looking at the beauty, by staying in the Light.
 My next step of self love is guiding me to daily sessions of Yoga and dancing. then the writing should follow, Yup, I feel centered, bitches LOL :P XOXOXOX