Saturday, 12 October 2013

I am back

Time flies, I can't believe my last post was September 18! I am on a bit of a "staycation" and I am enjoying it, with plenty of time for cooking healthy food, dancing, facebooking and blogging! Also visiting with dear friends and family.
As you know, I am looking for a publisher for Ziggurat10 and one of the places I sent a proposal to was Redwheel/Wiser. They sent me an e-mail telling me that, although the book was interesting, they thought it would not be as best suited to their main publishing house, but rather to their offshoot, Turning Stone Press. I got a little excited! They said someone from Turnstone would contact me in the following days. My husband and I did a little research and we discovered that Turnstone Press is, in fact, a self-publishing press, and you know I feel about those. Not that you cannot be successful self-publishing! It is just not for me and, as you can imagine, the initial excitement fizzled.
A couple of days later I did receive an e-mail by Turnstone Press telling me my work had been "chosen" to be one of their new publishing projects and they sent a PDF of their services. They wanted $6,500 to edit and create a website for me. HA! I am an editor, I trained myself to be and I have actually, successfully edited other people's work, as well as my own,  so I don't need that. Web page? I created this blog, the web page is next. The story did not end here. Two days ago, around 9:00 a.m. the phone rings and, surprise, surprise, it is the chief editor at Turnstone Press asking me, with an incredulous tone, if I read the PDF that came with the e-mail, and I said "yes" and she was about to delve deeper into their services, and what an opportunity this is, blah blah so I politely said:"Thank you for the opportunity but I am not interested" and she finally hung up. I have to admit, it felt good to have the upper hand with a book publisher, for once.

Too bad Wiser was such a disappointment, but I sent proposals to many more publishing houses and I know one will be a perfect match for my work. I believe we do create our own reality, so never get "psyched out" by rejections and scams, continue writing, continue networking and submitting your work and what needs to happen, will happen!

Researching other publishing houses, online, I have noticed that many of them now have Self Publishing departments and one must really be careful to differentiate while publisher-hunting. This is all for tonight - more to come, I want to write about Kobalt :)

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