Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lion's Gate Portal Opening!

Tonight a portal called Lion's Gate opens in the sign of  Leo.  Synthetically put, it is an alignment of Earth, the Sun and Sirius, a star even brighter than the sun.  This means we will be receiving more Light and abundance; our powers of manifestation will grow and so will creativity and a sense of groundedness. Yesterday was a turning point for me; I am feeling the energy of the eclipses and as part of this I have discovered  that the Energy of all these astral events share in the same high Essence of positivity, generosity, manifestation, collaboration and peace. I am sure that not by chance last night I read about Womb Energy and harnessing this to access sacred femininity. It is pertaining to women and men as well, it is an Energy of peace and reflection and it is there to balance the masculine in which we are entrenched, for better or for worse.

This Energy can be accessed through specific meditations, there are many on YouTube, or you might create your own. On a personal level, I find that Womb Energy has come to my attention to balance my Heart Chakra Energy from which I often operate. This will aid me in manifesting my dreams and wishes and will provide me with some much needed inner security.
I foresee great things to come for planet Earth. We are aided and protected by Source and by some ET races and just now, amid talks of nuclear war, the media wants us to wallow in fear: don't let them do it! Anchor yourself into this mighty, positive energies and thrive.
A YouTube sacred femininity speaker and counselor (Flourishing Goddess) is a wonderful person who suggested that 6 Goddesses energies are connected to the Womb; I was inspired to tune into this Energy by creating a little altar with the Doreen Virtue's Goddess cards, and lit some tea-lights and will keep on doing this daily til I feel the Energies have permeated my life. For the past couple of days I have been feeling happy and excited - I know good things are coming for all of us, and for me personally. I hope this little reflection can inspire and gladden your heart...and womb :) Namaste.

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  1. I wanted to add that, NOW we Human Beings are called to have Faith in Source and in each other. We must unite, love and nurture one another all all creatures of our beautiful planet. This will cleanse and renew the precious Energy of mother Earth and help us ascend eventually to higher frequencies and become the beings of Light we actually are.