Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wonder Woman

I deal with fatigue on a daily basis, and the fact that I am a night person does not help. I prefer writing at night, but add to the equation a little insomnia, and you get the picture. I tried something; one day ago I went to bed at 10:00 pm, woke up briefly and then slept the rest of the day and night. I woke spontaneously today at 6:00 am and I was feeling rested and ready to work. I indulged in a panettone (and Italian Christmas cake) breakfast, coffee and a shower and I was ready! I washed  both my food cupboards and refilled spice bottles; I chucked expired foods and vitamins, did dishes and then I washed under the kitchen sink, the place where the garbage goes, yuck. After that I uploaded some of my work to Kindle thru Amazon.com and searched for new publishers for my nearly finished novel Strega (Witch)!!!! I am VERY excited, I am finding great opportunities for my writing!
I also made dinner and some more dish washing and I feel so happy and content - I am an artist and, by definition undisciplined, but I find that when I do discipline myself I can do wonders in my life. Yes, it is well worth it to me to go to  bed at a sane time (like midnight) and wake up early and getting everything done that needs tending to. There is a feeling of accomplishment that is better than sleeping in  late and then half-assing the day. I can't be wonder woman every day, but I can be a functioning artist by the daytime, though there will always be the occasional late night musing. So, for those of you struggling with the fact that you are a creative person at night but need to get things done in the day, take heart: reconditioning is possible! Artists are thought of as undisciplined,  (and for a while I thought of this as a romantic notion that I wanted to stick to) but it is a matter of choice, really. If you choose discipline you will maximize your productivity. I have been writing all my life and I can tell you, a new schedule, when needed, works. Sending out lots of love to everyone and happy creating! xoxo

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