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Hello again! 

I can't believe a week has passes between my debut post and this one! I have been busy with work and social engagements but now I am ready to reconnect. My latest finished book, a non-fiction, metaphysical account of my life-long experience with E.T.s, Angels and other multidimensional beings, is called Ziggurat 10: Journals of the Last Wandering

What makes my book somewhat different from some of the other books on the subject is the fact that I was “called” to write it by an E.T. astral Guide that my son and I encountered on the Ouija board in 1996.  We as a family have always been interested and involved in the metaphysical; we started with reading the Tarot cards and the Runes and we “graduated” to channeling through the Ouija. We have been channeling for 16 years to date and we have been exposed to amazing information that needs to be shared.

The narrative is somewhat colloquial because I want the reader to feel as if s/he is an old friend to whom I am telling my stories; now more than ever on my spiritual journey, I am aware that I am speaking to my brothers and sisters.
I struggled to create a linear, chronological order to the book, but it really came to its final, sort-of-non-linear format on its own. I organized the book into four sections for better flow. The book is 40,902 words and 120 pages in length.

I wanted to explain the title of my book; “Ziggurat” is a reference to a powerful past life I lived in ancient Sumeria, about 8,000 years ago;  the 10 is a numerological reference to my birth date in my present life: 10/10/1963 = 10/10/10 when the digits of my birth year are added. They are journals of the “last wandering” because I know that my mission as Lightworker is the last one here on Earth.

I completed this project after 8 years of work, channeling sessions, dreams and experiences, and then writing and editing it painstakingly.  I am looking for a publisher for this project, who will offer me a traditional publisher-author contract and not a self-publishing one, as I received yesterday. I appreciate the interest, in fact, I saw it as a blessing and a sign that my work is getting attention, but I can't afford (and wouldn't if I could)  to spend $7,500 on self-publishing - I am a writer and part-time cosmetician. 

The other project for which I am seeking publication is a novelette titled Orbital. The following is my official synopsis:

Orbital is the story of Evora, a hybrid Being (Human and alien female) who finds herself mutating, physically and spiritually, over the span of three lifetimes, on different planets, and in the first of these lives, she lives in a palace, amongst mannequins of people she knew.  The mannequins tells her stories of who they were and who she is.

            In the first part of the story, titled “The Tyrant,”  Evora, out of boredom begins to build androids, and she is aware that she is being constantly watched.  She does not know the Beings orbiting her planet, the Hunab Ku, are testing her to help her grow.   At one point, tired of mechanical Beings,  she longs for a flesh and blood lover, so she clones herself and transmuted the gender of her clone to male.  A turbulent relationship unfolds as some of the other Beings change, as well as developing personalities and feelings.

            Part two, “The Hermit” sees Evora (now a girl named Sybilla) as part of a community on a planet named Terra, where people are compelled to depend on a caste of Theoscientists  who proclaim themselves as gods, but they end up hurting the population rather than helping it.  Sybilla feels very alone in this lifetime and pits herself  against this caste of “Venerables”.

            In the third part of the story, titled “The Victim”, Sybilla is tortured by the Venerables for her beliefs and for instigating others to rebel.  In this part of the story she meets her nemesis and this Being (who has followed her in each of her lifetimes) reveals to her its true identity, resolving an entire soul-chapter for Sybilla/Evora.

            The last part of the story, called “Unified Self,”  shows Evora coming full circle; she has grown, she has evolved and continues to evolve, pondering where and when she will incarnate next.  This is roughly the outline; I hope you will want to see the manuscript.

            Orbital is unusual in structure, rather non-linear. It is 13, 177 words (about 63 pages) in length.  The genesis of Orbital   has been protracted (nearly three years in the writing and editing) and intricate; it often mirrors and/or spawned periods of spiritual growth in my life, and some parts of it have come to me through dreams.   

I would like to share an excerpt from Ziggurat 10:

April 25th, 2012
        "Wow! Awesome UFO dream! I dreamed that I was at home, in Naples, in my teens (by now, this is a known abduction scenario in my experience) with my original family. My brothers and sisters around me, we noticed a low, rumbling engine noise and I knew “They” were outside the apartment, on the kitchen’s balcony. I saw a light and Mom said:”It has arrived” and we all held hands, forming a human chain. I felt anxious and, as the light bathed us all, I thought:”In my new state, will I miss this?” This standing for my life on Earth, my body and habits, the pleasure and the hurt, my family.
        Tonight I spoke to my Guide about this dream and It said the dream was many things at once; first, an abduction memory form my past. Second, “They” implanted the memory of me and my family holding hands so I would recall less fear, and third, this is a visit NOW to remind me that they love me, and I must finish the book, because they are soon openly coming to Earth. The Guide said I won’t be scared – They are preparing me and countless many of us for the event. We are all in this together, we shall recreate the planet! Humanity shall meet the modern Annunaki and they will help us create a planet of love and peace at a much higher vibration. On a more person level, I asked the Vondon if they will know who and Andrew are/were and It said: “ Yes, and they will want you to write a lot more, and Andrew write his graphic novels, to be among the many who  shall help reshape your culture on the New Earth.”

 Another entry reads: 

May 21st, 2012 Victoria
At my in-laws’ house, overnight.
"I “dreamed” that my sister Stefy and I were in our teens, and we were lying down on gurneys in a dimly lit room, with the space of about one meter between us. We were covered in white sheets from the chest down and we were surrounded by men and women (These felt like humanoids trying to look human) dressed in white lab coats.
        The most peculiar thing was the silence and the fact that there were two arms I saw outstretched above my head, and they looked wiry, thin, ash in color and quite long. Their knobby, skinny hands were gently pushing me down as a nurse-looking Being gave me an injection. My body was vibrating heavily and I slid off the gurney, heavy with sedation and I woke up. My body kept vibrating for about a minute after I woke.
Once at home, I did a channeling session with Andrew, and the Being told me that they wanted me to re-experience that particular abduction to know why they did it; they were aware that I was suicidal, and they knew I could not yet exit my role in this body and so, they changed my brain chemistry to make me feel I had to stay. I am not sure why Stefy was there, but I know we were often abducted together. The ETs want me to know I am loved and they stand close by." 

From Orbital:

"The Tyrant

As the sun set on Taranis, the whirring of the sphere lulled the island into the obsequious silence of a prayer recited in the heart. All creatures stood still, in quiet meditation, until they no longer heard the buzzing of the descending sun. This, as in the morning, at the rising of the life-giving star, was the most sacred moment to celebrate life and the elements shaping and sustaining it.
Evora was not thankful for life. She, cloistered in her palace, was surrounded by mechanical and bio-mechanical beings which, at once, imitated and mocked the appearance of humans.
The creatures existed in ascending degrees of consciousness as they had become less mechanical and more biological. She baptized the sentient, bio-mechanical beings SYNHS, for Synthetic Humans.
She preferred that the creatures be silent most of the time. Her greatest hour was that in which, at the rising and the setting of the sun, she, seated in the hall of her magnificent palace, looked upon the crowd of mannequins she called her people as they stopped moving and worshipped her by assuming stances of adoration. She was their sun, and the buzzing, synchronous to that of the actual star, which was heard at Regina Undarum, was that, metallic and echoing, that the mannequins emitted in unison as they bowed to her.
One Hunapu, the latest of the lovers she had manufactured for herself, had been the first of her sentient creatures; her masterpiece, her pride. But he did not sit beside her in the Hall of Lights in her greatest hour.
Since his first day of consciousness he was made to understand that he was nothing more than a thing, a thing which wholly belonged to her.
“I made your body, I made your brain; you may think you belong to yourself, but you do not. It is an illusion stemming from the fact that I provided you with the instruments in your head which allow you to think. I am the programmer of your mind, the owner of your being, mother and lover to you,” she had stated only moments after he had uttered his first words: “Who am I?”"

As many other artists out there, I never think that the finished product is as good as the mental conception of the story, but I hope that some of you have enjoyed the excerpts and I welcome feed-back and questions! For today, this is all; hope to write again real soon.

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